Finish Marshalling

Once through the finish line, keep rowing and move to the city bank to join the queue of boats waiting to land.

Crews heading to land at or past the old bridge must join this queue and not attempt to overtake – this just causes congestion and delay for everyone.

All boats should transit through the new bridge before spinning as directed by a marshal.

Marshals will direct you to the next available pontoon for landing.

Note the two red buoys just after the IRC pontoons. To avoid congestion at the IRC steps and pontoons, all boats heading away from the finish must be close to the city (bow side) bank at this point.

When coming alongside, your first priority is to clear the pontoon for other competitors. Club members and supporters are asked to help by removing blades, making footwear available etc. Wait until your boat is back at its storage location before putting on any extra layers.

Bow numbers should be placed in the tubs provided by each pontoon.