Start Marshalling Instructions

Key Points To Reduce Delays At Start
1. Launch on time – it is essential that you launch at your allocated time on the running order
2. Take all seats, cox boxes etc. to pontoons before you join the queue to launch
3. Help fellow competitors who are launching before you
4. Launch with bows pointing to Dochgarroch – i.e. bow side blades closest to bank
5. Make sure you have the correct bow number. This is the only way we have to identify crews and you will get an incorrect time if you use the wrong number. If you use a number from a different division, you will not get a time as your number will not be on the timing system.
6. For crews launching at the IRC boathouse: Eights should only launch from the steps, fours/quads can use the pontoon that’s closer to the IRC boathouse and the steps (once all the eights have launched), small boats should use either pontoon but priority will be given to quads/fours launching from the pontoon that’s closer to the boathouse. Note that two small boats can launch from the pontoons at the same time so please allow this to happen by placing your boat in the water at one either end of the pontoon and not the central section.

Automatic Disqualification
1. Failure to pass through the finish line 40 minutes before start time of each division
2. Failure to pass past the pylons 25 minutes before start time of each division – crews failing to reach this point in time will be turned back by the safety boat
Blaming any delay on time taken in queue to launch is not an excuse.
Note it can take 10 minutes for crews boating on the North side of the Tomnahurich swing bridge to reach the finish line.

Time Penalties – 10 seconds per minute (see diagrams for location and time you need to arrive)

Obey Directions from Marshals
1. Cox/steersperson is only person who should speak to marshals and relay instructions to their crew
2. Crews who fail to follow directions will be penalised – see “local rules”
Note the marshalling area starts just after the pylons and crews must row at light pressure from the “beeches corner”.

Every crew will be allocated a colour to show the location of their marshalling zone. These zones are shown below:-

The procedure for all zones is set out in the following diagrams but use the drop down menu if you wish to go straight to your zone.